The University of Hong Kong Convocation


Mr HUNG Man Ching, Alex 洪文正 (BSc(CompSc) 1994)


List of ten nominators

1. TSO Man Tai, Thomas (BSocSc 1975, MSocSc 1984)

2. NG, Hon (BEng(EEE) 1999)

3. WAN Chung On, John (BSc 1970, MBuddhStud 2007)

4. YIU Kwai Ping (MBBS 2001)

5. CHONG Hok Ching (BSc(Surv) 2001, MSc(IDM) 2007)

6. LAM Chi Cheung, Albert (BEng(IMMSE) 1999)

7. LO, Wa Kei Roy (BBA 1993)

8. CHAN, Lung Wai (MEcon 2008, MBA 2012)

9. CHAU, Kin Wang (BSc 1994)

10. MAN Cheuk Fei (BA 1987)


Brief Biography:


Thanks for giving me a great chance to be voted as a Standing Committee member of Convocation, which provides me a chance to have more hands-on work for our alumni and our HKU.

I believe our convocation can help to have more direct communication with HKU on any matters affecting HKU and solicit funds for HKU and HKU students. Hope I can have more chances to organize events to facilitate these purposes.

I finished my Computer Science degree in HKU.

I have been the Honorary Lecturer of HKU Computer Science department for 3 years.

I have been the advisor of HKU information systems for 6 years.

I enjoy my HKU life and all invaluable moments since 1991.

I lived in Swire Hall and learn a lot from our unique HKU Hall education.

I have been the Vice President of Rotaract club of HKU

I have been the excos of HKUAA for 5 years.

I have been the excos of HKUGA for 2 years.

Now, I am an active subcomm member for HKUAA professional group.

I love to meet and work with HKU alumni. I always learn and gain a lot from the collaboration with all of you from different academic background. Within my network, we always find that we have more common topic if we are HKU alumni. I like travelling and I always meet good HKU friends in Beijing, Shanghai, New York, London, etc. I believe this global network can help us to have more synergies.

I run my own business in IT software development since 2002 and the HKU alumni network helps me a lot.

I like writing articles on newspapers about the topics of IT and social services by my Chinese name 洪文正.

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Hung Man Ching (Alex Hung)
BSc(CS), 1994